Chapter 11: Creating Content to Build a Golf Community

What is your favorite 19th hole story?


19th Hole Golf Story with the Welborn Family

Welborn Family Golf – 19th Hole Story

2 thoughts on “Chapter 11: Creating Content to Build a Golf Community

  1. Jay Miller

    The story was one I actually witnessed. 30 years ago at a wedding, the daughters father had a golf day before the wedding day. It took place at his exclusive private club and we had 16 avid golfers. We each put in $100 for bets of all kinds. On the 13th hole, a uphill par 3 that you could only see the pin, the host hit a shot right over the flagstick. We searched for his ball and could not find it, the caddies were searching like blood hounds, all of sudden the host yells out “got it” at the same time one of the caddies yells out “Mr X, were you playing a titleist 3”?, he says yes why – the caddy says “its in the hole”. The wedding took place at the club and Mr X was kicked out of the club the following Monday.

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