Chapter 7: The Golf Niche

Who is your ideal customer?  How can you get them?


The Social Golf Course Tournament at Los Serranos Country Club in Chino Hills, CA

The Social Golf Course Tournament at Los Serranos Country Club

2 thoughts on “Chapter 7: The Golf Niche

  1. Jay Miller

    Anyone with a heart beat is my ideal customer, however we also had wake and funeral parties at our clubhouses as well. The course must cultivate and keep customer. Supply a reason the customer wants to give their business to that course time and time again. Competition is waiting in your parking lot, on the computer and smartphone and around the corner. With the amount of golfers dwindling, it so funny that course operators main strategy is stealing other courses golfers. this bears no fruit and sooner than later is the perfect strategy for complete failure. I would love to share the other 90% of my strategy guys, but courses pay me for this type of competitive edge information.

  2. Zeb Welborn


    So true. In my experience, many golf course operators are too focused on stealing customers from their competitors that they are neglecting the opportunity to grow the game which has resulted in the dwindling of interest in the sport.

    Inspiring others to take up golf by being active in local communities and involved online is a great way to get new golfers to play the game we all love. Let’s build this word of mouth in favor of golf and create an entire generation who values the sport as much as we do.


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