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The 19th hole is the town hall of golf.

From table to table, golfers tell stories, rehash rounds, brag about putts drained, complain about bunkers and bad bounces and delight in lucky shots and low scores. They talk about family, jobs, life. They argue, encourage, commiserate. Everyone is engaged, most are happy, some are miserable, in a golf sort of way.

But they all join in.

With 19th Hole Media, we hope to extend the golfing nirvana beyond fairways and greens and into the every day lives of your golfers. Let us help you create a vibrant, active and engaged community for your golf course.

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3 thoughts on “19th Hole Media

  1. Sam Adams

    Somebody needs to be explaining to parents that soccer, baseball, etc. are wonderful but very short lived. Golf is for life and a good golf game is still an important business asset.

    You always hear stories of parents pushing their kids to play certain sports, participate in different organizations, and to work hard in school. Well, I think playing golf and understanding the values that can be learned from the sport can carry over to many aspects of one’s life. Hopefully the younger demographic of golfers and non-golfers agree because there is so much good that can be had from it.

  2. Lacey

    That is a great point Sam! Kids should be outside and playing, soccer and baseball are great for that, but you are absolutely right. Golf is an activity they can continue to play and enjoy for the rest of their lives. It can help them develop relationships, help them to network and of course there are so many lessons to be learned from the trials, tribulations and victories of a day on the links.

  3. Zeb Welborn


    Thanks for the comment. I love all kinds of sports. As a young kid, I played almost every sport. Now that I’m older, I agree that their is something special about golf. It’s the one sport that people can play together regardless of the level of ability of the players. You can’t beat spending a day out on the golf course with family and friends.


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